My mum and dad, around 1960. Probably taken at Rothesay.


“She died 30 years ago in a tragic car accident.”

“Have you stayed single since then?”

“Never married again, but never single. I don’t like to be alone.”

This is a great Tumblr (Humans of New York).

Hosta leaf. Doing some stock photography these days…

Gerry on his Z1300, ages ago.

One of my mother’s many ad-hoc ashtrays.

Me, when I lived in Florida. About 1993.

Agreed! Peep Show is my favorite show.

Yeah it’s great. Think they’re going to make another series soon. Although I heard that a while ago and haven’t heard anything recently.

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Took this with an 8x10 camera.

This is what remains of the school next door. It was a nice Victorian building. Wonder what they’ll replace it with…

Out with the RoadCam™ again this morning. Nice sunrise. The roads were a bit frosty. I notice that diesel has gone up again. £1.40 / litre equals £6.35 / gallon. Jings.

This is my bedroom ceiling. I spend a fair bit of time underneath it.